From the beginning, Badgett Media has always provided growth-oriented businesses, movements, and the people who lead them with websites, project management solutions, publishing services, educational products, and consulting.

We base our design work, leadership & management ability, content creation & distribution offerings, trainings, and advisory relationships off of 30 plus years of professional, educational, and personal experience across multiple industries and lifestyles.

We’ve been told that empathy and humility are our 2 greatest assets.

In 2014 Badgett Media merged much of it’s service offerings and created new product lines with a talented web development company called codeBOX.

Chris Badgett has a long history of successful leadership, management, marketing, and design experience. Chris’s academic and professional background is in operations management, cultural anthropology, technology, and sustainable development. His experiences range from the far reaches of the Himalya to rural Appalachia to the Andes to the Sub Arctic.

His hobbies include reading, sled dog mushing, mountain climbing, distance running, and hiking with his wife and 2 daughters.

He has spent more time than most living and leading others in the wilderness of Alaska and other remote regions. His leadership and management skills come from a more primal place – leading himself, teams, and clients in the wilderness. His marketing skills and ability to influence comes from this same primal source mixed with an understanding of human nature more influenced by anthropology, psychology, and long-term world travel than solely profit-focused business study.

Chris values learning, experience, and perspective.

He sees potential in others.